Monday, May 07, 2007

How Toronto Works

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Yesterday the Don Valley Parkway was closed - a road that carries about 100,000 people a day from East York and north to downtown.
So traffic was diverted to two main N/S thoroughfares:
Victoria Park and Don Mills Road.
I chose Don Mills Road. Approach York Mills is a long downhill stretch without lights.
Of course, what was sitting at the bottom?
A speed trap.
Unwilling to give drivers a break because they closed down our third busiest highway, the city decided it was one more chance to dip their hands into drivers pocketbooks.
This after last week, the overpass of the Gardiner at Kipling shed a 40 kg hunk of concrete. According to a City Councillor, this was an act of God.
Actually it was an act of the City not maintaining our roads in favor of pissign money away on stupid ideas.

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