Thursday, May 17, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Duff May 17

Duff - Income Trust Charges, Charges? Daily scraps.
Newman - Informal Committee Meeting - no Chair

Silly Season in the House...
On Newman
Red Julie on empty committee meeting. Liberal Hack Witnesses don't get chance to beg more money.
Attaran (Islam Iggy Lover) filibustered out of committee. Never has a filibuster been so well used. Aw, his nerves were frayed...
He can go and get sympathy from his patrone Iggy.
Jay Hill says opposition is acting like a coalition government and wants to have their way. Ralphie Hedgehog says Parliament going through rough patch... Master of the understatement was well as the under achievement.
Duff - Income Trust Investigation -- Of course the Grits say that the bulge post non-announcement was just good analysis on Bay Street. I will bet all my gains from the Income Trust scam that this was indeed a scam. Seeing as all those who know about it are likely to be charged, small wonder they're closing ranks. Millions of dollars were made on Bay Street by this leak. Dozens of rich people could go to jail.
Back to Newman - power struggle between unelected coalition and minority. Ralph and Jay scrapping hard - Jay - watch your ankles... The Hedgehog. Scary. Ankle-biter.
Libby barely gets a word in.
Much more active Newmanduff today and I gotta leave about 545.
Libby claims NDP are the only working caucus. Seeing as how they never actually have to ever do anything they probably are. Working hard on doing nothing. All they have is the power to do is screw things up.
Duff - George Baker calls someone a sookie baby. What the hell is a "sookie baby". That's before my time... Sounds kinda sexy. Is George Baker comparing some MPs to Eastern European immigrant stripper/hookers? It's humorous to see old washed up "no turbans in the RCMP" George Baker and cool low key westerner Terry Strattan going at it. Like a terrier trying to take a bite out of a sheepdog. Baker et al trying to nail Marjorie LeBreton. Don't tell Mr. LeBreton.
Complaints about summer school funding cuts. Given the non-existent unemployment rate, is there any need for a summer student program at all?? Why not do an analysis to prove that with a 5% unemployment rate we need the same funding as with a 15% unemployment rate? Know that in Ontario any student who wants a job can get one. Likely same in Alberta. New program is for those who genuinely have a problem getting jobs - rural, aboriginal, etc. Makes sense to me. Why not just eliminate all jobs and contribute funds to provinces to do with as they wish? Reduce tuition if desired. Hire needy Eastern Euro Strippers if the provincial MPPs prefer.
Committee Chaos on Duff - PMSH looks great in a nice suit. He tends to wear frumpy suits - improvement - thanks to image consultant?
Tom Lukiwiski bitches about the Liberal Senate - what happened to it being an advisory body? It was until the last 15 months. The Grits filled the old fart house with old used up hacks and they are now determining the legislative agenda. Fire all their old wrinkled asses. And Jimmy The K, who I believe exists purely with the support of Islamic nuts, is supporting the Senate. Throws dirt around on all Tories.
I feel like I'm live blogging a bar fight.
Martha Hall Finlay on Strat Session on Duff - no mention of whether nudity was involved with her sleep over. Joy is funny - I like her. For an NDPer she's cool. Reynolds, says Harper, tough, fair and honest. Forgets boring and controlling. Is anyone working on the uncalled election and tried to do anything locally?? Duff on Carroll, as soon as he got candid Iggy and Coderre demanding that he get fired. Blood on the street it's up to their ankles.
Gotta run.
Today was a 6/10 only 45 minutes in. Silly season in Ottawa is like the weather in November.

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