Saturday, May 12, 2007

Muslim Canadian Suicide Bomber Wannabe

From the Globe and Mail. The Muslim Canadian, arrested in Afgan on charges of planning a suicide attack, is from Calgary. This man wanted to be a suicide bomber, to copy his brother who had successfully killed himself and many children and women some time ago.
At that time, his identity had never been published.
But, his father said he had tried to talk his son out of going and doing this.
His Iman also said he had intervened to stop him. Both failed.

My question is, if the father and Iman both knew of his intentions, why did they not inform the RCMP, airlines, CSIS or somebody to have his passport taken away, or put on a no fly list.
The Iman says he has talked several others out of this. Has he really. Is Calgary full of wannabe suicide bombers. If they can't go to Afghan, will they attack in Canada. Should any of these Muslims from Calgary ever successful go to meet Allah and meet his 72 virgins, and kill women, children and others, the blame can be put directly on the Iman and fathers of said idiots.

Are not these the same people complaining no one did anything to stop Air India.

How many of these wannabes are sending money to the taliban. How many voted Liberal and urged Dion to vote against the Anti Terrorist Act?

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