Monday, May 07, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Duff May 7

How come two of the provinces that never stop bitching about being poor both run ads just before Duffy and Newman? Huh?
Duffy - Flaherty, Alcoa buying Alcan, Justie T says he's sorry to Acadians, Duceppe Coup
The Brawdcast - Duceppe on move? Buying of Canadian companies, MacCallum, Parson Preston on
Flaherty on Duff on Canadian companies - Flaherty informs that Thomson is buying Reuters. Manulife buying Hancock. Flaherty and MacCallum call each other dumb in QP. Once of these statements is correct.
Bonner on next PQ leader - says important to BQ in winning seats for PQ. If Duceppe leaves then BQ will lose seats. Steffi said something about the Quebec situation, couldn't understand. Something about deux bourgeous gentilhommes. Moliere??
Flaherty says that Danny the Dick Williams is flat out lying. Duff says Danny's animus is breath taking. I say he's breath wasting.
Duff on BQ and PQ, tweedledumQ and tweedledeeQ. Ian Macdonald says Duceppe's denial on backstabbing Boisclair is like Clinton saying I did not have sex with that woman. I never tire of hearing that. Says Boisclair had a hissy fit about Duceppe working behind his back.
Parson Preston proposes better relationship with USA. Too good an idea to ever be considered.
Justie Trudeau apologizes to Acadians for the his statement about a single school system and how it applies labels to people. Oops. French schools are protected by the Charter in New Brunswick. Does he read? Is he running for the "party of the charter". Of course not. He's running for the party of himself.
Newman hammers the Parson on selling out Canadian companies. Parson is wrong on response. Has big picture but not the details. Mintz and MacCallum on to beat up Flaherty on foreign ownership. Flaherty responds on interest deductibility - are going after the double deductions, companies shouldn't be able to charge interest twice - in the USA and Canada. Refers to a Canadian company acquiring abroad. Is that what Conrad did with Barbara Amiel?
David Akin at Black trial in Chicago. He's not a real journalist so I'm clicking. Just kidding David - this is a real news story, done without spin. But then again, no chance to ask leading questions.
Strategists on Duff - Bernie, Martha and Joy.
On Justie Trudeau - Martha - she says there was a misinterpretation and was refreshing... Puhleeze. Spanks him softly for effing up hugely, and how we shouldn't keep people muzzled. Bernie says no misinterpretation - he was wrong. Doesn't understand the Charter. Suggesting a change is suggesting that the Charter should be open. Major mistake, if not retracted then a serious problem for the Grits.
Martha changes the topic to Flaherty when she got spanked by Bernie. Newman would never have accepted it. Bad on Duff.
Newman with Roxanna, Susan Smith & Dick Proctor. Roxie says that the CPC acted correctly on Afstan. Smith says that Canadians are not satisfied and do not want an election. Smith lists off a buncha false charges and Newman shuts her up. Smith-brings up afghan, china, kyoto, and how we are being mocked on world stage. Has anyone read any foreign press, or heard any foreign leader comment on any of this? Does Smith atribute to all Canadians her own feelings of inferiority? Who gives a fig what foreigners think?

Roxie says that the allegations always have implications that Canadians are torturing detainees. How many false allegations can sit on the head of a pin? Newman admits he has been wrong before. Then admits he was mistaken.
Joel Denis and Rosie on Quebec on Duff. JD says Duceppe not plotting. Not much here. Both spank Justin for not knowing NB history and not knowing the Charter. Will make a difference for him in Papineau. Denis Coderre was estatic.
Newman on Conrad's legal case. Highstakes and high drama on Radler testimony.

One boring night of Newman Duff.

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