Friday, May 04, 2007

The Prom

Congratulations to a group of University Students who did something fantastic last night in Toronto. They put on a PROM, and this prom was for Holocaust survivors only.
Hat Tip to Girl on the Right
TORONTO (CP) - At an age when most Canadians celebrate their high school graduation, Eugenia Melnikova was captured by the Nazis.
Melnikova, a Ukrainian Jew, was taken from her home in Kyiv in 1941 and brought to the nearby Babi Yar ravine - an infamous killing ground where more than 30,000 Jews were murdered in two days. She was shot, but managed to survive. Melnikova, then 18, escaped under the cover of night and found a woman who agreed to take her in and hide her until the war ended four years later.
These men and women never had an opportunity to have a PROM. The organizers went all out, balloons, music, everything. Everyone involved in the planning were volunteers. And the men and women attending were dressed to the hilt, and watching them dance was great.
Let's never forget how many people in our midst went through this hell on earth experience. Many were teenagers and small children.
For once, kudos to CBC for covering this.

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