Tuesday, May 22, 2007

If It Says it Bleeds it Leads. . .

In case you have not visited Shogun, Kevin Steele is reporting the truth about this visit of the PM.
The issue of torture seemed to be a big one among my colleagues and why not--if it bleeds, it leads, and in the 24 hour news cycle, even if it says it bleeds, it leads. But I must confess it is not that big a deal for me. Just about every terrorism expert will tell you that all terrorist operatives are all taught to claim torture.
Kevin also quotes the Afstan PM who says Karzai sent his personal guarantee to the Canadian people that there was no torturing of prisoners in his country. Actually, he prefaced that remark by saying he there was some doubt about whether those who were making torture claims were even in the custody of Afghani authorities.
Gone till Monday the 28, and for 3 of those days I am in a retreat house, no tv, phone, radio, newspaper or net. I will survive, but will be anxious to read everything when I get back.

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