Friday, May 11, 2007

I Don't Like Being a Cynic When it Involves a Death

Canadian Man Dies in Cancun
I have been in Cancun and I recommend that no one under 40 or over 42 ever go. And no one at any age ever allow themselves to be overserved. I have seen northern girls carried out of bars on men's shoulders.
The link describes the events leading up to and following the death of another Canadian in our favorite resort destination. I have no idea whether the official story is true or not.
The statistics within are bogus - there is no relative context; we likely have more assaults in Mexico because we have more travellers there.
Cancun is an over-imbibers paradise. There is an endless opportunity to (a) fall down stairs or off balconies, (b) stumble in front of a car, or (c) piss off a jealous boyfriend or husband or get in a different situation of honour.
If you go, enjoy the sun and the beach, but go to bed early. You'll get home safely. Use your head. It is not Wasaga Beach.

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