Thursday, May 03, 2007

Could JFK Get Elected Today?

In the recent past the Republicans have impeached Clinton for immorality reasons and the Democrats are anxious to impeach GW Bush just for being himself. I have to wonder who in the past could possibly stand the scrutiny of the media and their desperate attempts to disrobe elected officials in public.
Let's look at JFK who is held up by at least Democrats as being a historical titan. (Although more accurately of titanic proportions).
His father was a bootlegging partner of mafia kingpin Frank Costello. His sex life was up there with Casanova's. He had a deal with hoodlum Sam Giancana to get the 1960 union vote. He slept with a woman who was a spy for the mob as well as a hollywood star who committed suicide.
What would the chances be of his getting elected today?

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