Friday, May 25, 2007

Battling MSM Propaganda is Exhausting

Just got into work, listened to Ceeb Radio en route.
"The Voice" on The Current did a "Bush to impose pressure on Iran with Allies, should make it tough on Albania" thing. Of course, this is untrue, not very funny, and trite.
But there is a steady diet of this type of manipulation of public opinion in almost all media, all the time.
The public continually sees headlines like "Focus groups reject Tory spin". (The Star this morning). Every phrase, every headline, every story, every tone is directed toward making conservatives look bad.
This is more than continual. It's massive. Overwhelming to the point of exhaustion.
Then the MSM has their other propaganda line - that they are unbiased, that they present both sides of the stories. We know this isn't true, and that they manipulate sources and angles to feature only points of view acceptable to them. Look what the Ceeb did to Michael Coren.
The MSM have massive resources, their staff are paid in real dollars. We opponents on blogs do our stuff in our spare time and might make $1.40 / month from Google Ads.
But if we didn't do this, who would.
(Can't wait to get the comments back that the MSM isn't biased...)

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