Sunday, May 06, 2007

Does CBC Hate America?

I know, it's a rhetorical question..
This morning, driving to the links, I tuned into CBC Sunday Edition.
I have written positively on the program before - I think it is likely one of the best radio news programs in the world. Often guests will be truly neutral and panels will be equally represented from both sides. And I like Michael Enright, he most often doesn't push his own views and acts as a congenial and well balanced host.
Today was an exception.
This morning's show opened with an essay on Iraq by Enright - certainly the most uninformed, biased report on Iraq to which I have ever been an audience (I suspect there were a few dozen others.) Every possible facet of the struggle for democracy was deemed to be a failure (notwithstanding that the population turned out to vote - with risk of assassination - in higher numbers than ever in Canadian history.
I was disappointed that the intro didn't provide a transcript, but here's a link to the website - audio should be posted in a day or two. I encourage you to listen in if you wish to be really pissed off.
And notwithstanding that even ABC says that things are getting much better.
And reports I get from US soldiers say that people in Baghdad live pretty normal lives - the kids go to school every day, Dad goes to work and Mom to the market. Every week or so there's some gunfire or bomb noise somewhere within earshot and people go inside for an hour or two.
And he fails to mention how Kurdistan has become a tourist hot spot.
Why does CBC feel it necessary to be so patently partisanly political?

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