Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Clueless in Alberta re Carbon Credits, MaryT

I have received a 4 page pamphlet, from the Prairie Policy Center titled Carbon Credit Trading.
This is basically for farmers. Did you know that Canada has no federally approved carbon credit market?
Table of Contents:
Carbon Credits: What does it all mean? page 1
Carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e)
What does carbon trading accomplish page 2
What is happening in the United States
What is happening in Canada
Page 3, too many topics to list. but this is interesting and something everyone is very anxious to know (lol) The currency at the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) is a Carbon Financial Instrument contract (CFI) One CFI contract is equal to 100 metric tonnes of CO2 (one tonne of carbon = 3.667 tonnes of CO2 equivalent gas) as of November 2006.
Page 4- Rules, Risks & Options-
Go to www.prairiecentre.com and get this pamphlet.
There are so many experts out there spouting words like Kyoto, Carbon Credits, CO2 emissions and I am positive that most of them haven't a clue what they are talking about. I have read this pamphlet, and I am more clueless than before. But, from now on, when I go to meetings etc on this, I will ask the speaker questions like, what is CFI (no it is not a tv series)
or CCX, and what is the minimum carbon credits one can buy-answer 10,000 tonnes of carbon (equal to about 75,000 acres). How many farmers have that many acres which are over 100 sections of land. Imagine the emissions from farming all that land.

Run out and get yours now to avoid having to use those stupid light bulbs.

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