Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Duff May 16

The Brawdcast - Clean Air Act - NDP motion will not get debated until Friday - Libby is pissy about this - says Pete Van Loan is mean spirited and CPC are bullies. PVL says NDP missed chance last Friday. Libby tries to shout over Newman - bad move. Libby wasn't told that opposition day had changed. Click.
Duff - Grit MP said CPC MP crossed floor to pound him into putty, Ban on Foreigner Peelers
Phil Fontaine says a summer of unrest unless we fold and give them all our cash. Senate thinks this is a great idea providing none of the cash is their's. Let's start a new bureaucracy to manage (perhaps staffed with Senators who have served their 8 years?) Neville (LPOC) and Crowder (NDP) - says problem in Native community is delays in Land Claims and lack of hope. Some people - including many FN people - work and study to create hope.
Minister Prentice - needs to reform system. 60 years of discussion on Senate idea to have new bureaucracy.
Duff shocked that FN people can't use Human Rights Act. CPC wants to change this - Opps will not allow this to pass - undermined by their "leaders" who want to keep "their people" under their thumb. The Indian Poverty Pimps at work.
Newman - Bill delay on Kyoto Targets - Sen Tkachuk says Grits rushed through bill in an abusive way. Grits says Tories held it up.
So far tonight is deserving to be place on the do not watch list. Boooorrrring. Where is the Foreign Peelers debate?
Julie the Red on Campaign Life using GOC logo. Newman's Bobblehead panel. Nothing issue. Nothing worth commenting on.
Duff with
Dom Leblanc, Jason K and Bill Siksay on dust-up in HOC - D.McGuinty and Royal Galipeau Orleans CPC member believed he was insulted for his race by McGeewhiz.
STRIPPERS!!! No more import of same. Suggested by NDP that senators booted out after 8 years apply for the openings.
Paul Dewar on Ottawa Senators - never knew the NDP were big on competition - thought that they always figured this was bad and all people should be entitled to share the Stanley Cup.
Even the Stripper story can't save this night's shows. The Alpaca commercial is way more stimulating. ALPACA stands for Allied Liberal Protesters Against Conservative Achievement.
Air India on Newman - turns out Air India were too cheap to pay the tab. How are we at fault for this?
Duff - Brad, Moors, Jaro all hope the Senators win. NDP hurt by change of Opp day. Ndpers angry cause means they have to work on Friday. Threaten to go on strike and put up pickets.
This program is depressing me. Looking for needles to stick in my eyes.
Duff smacks Moors for holding up Human Rights for Indians. Moors argues back. Never responds.
Lessard and Travesty on Newman.
Official Languages - Lessard says nothing happening on Committee so they act like kids. Downhill since Shane Doan - Grits and Dippers went too far. Newman says problem due to lack of experience by Tories.
Fife on Duff - Harper is right on rights for FN. Fife says leaders won't take responsibility - refuse audits, fair elections, against equal rights for women. Native leaders have to carry the can. Duff calls the FN Pimps "the Aeroplan Class". McCharles on Stock's security measures - needs to deport terror suspects.
If you PVRed the shows, erase. Do not bother reading this piece. Please.
This was the worst night ever. The first goose egg since I started doing this. 0/10

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