Thursday, May 17, 2007

It's the Messenger, not the Message

I could, should I feel tired and weak, accept the message that there is a risk of (Wo)Man-Made Global Warming.
Personally, I think the real problems are water pollution and smog. These cause sickness now, and something could be done about them now.
I also think that we need to develop more sustainable energy sources (read this as nuclear).
These three areas of actions would have huge benefits to our world.
But, in a weak moment, I could buy into action that would at least theoretically reduce the risk of Global Warming.
But not when the main messengers are hypocrites and as close-minded as 15th century inquisitors.
Goldstein confirms another of Gore's ethical failings this morning. Kooky Suzuki has his own that should be known.
If someone truly acting personally on reducing their negative effect on the environment delivered the message, like, say George W. Bush, than I might even be convinced.

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