Thursday, May 24, 2007

David Miller a Soft, Slow-moving Target

David has another BIG IDEA.
Right up there with all his other BIG IDEAS.
Mayor David Miller will announce this morning an ambitious initiative to convert hybrid vehicles in the city to "plug-in" models that can be charged from any wall socket and powered mostly from electricity, the Toronto Star has learned. Link
Dave - I know you're kinda thick when it comes to putting things into practice.
But there's a little problem - generating the electricity to charge the million or so batteries in these electric cars if this really catches on. (Unlikely because it is, after all, a Miller idea.)
Did you forget that you are also trying to cancel the new power station on the waterfront and that only a couple of years ago we had a massive power failure and that the costs of providing power are going through the roof and that the provision of power is one of those big CO2 spewing things that you hate so much.
And don't you remember how much you hate nuclear energy because your leftie friends tell you to?

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