Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is The Star Now Using Blogs as a Source?

We'll see if Jason Cherniak makes hay on and takes credit for this Delacourt story.
The other option would be, I suppose, that The Star just used the same level of close relationship they have with Grit organizers that Jason does.
Canwest Global admitted their blog source.
Neither had the courtesy to at least give Jason the credit.
I guess the bigger question is why, like a dog walking on hind legs, was this even attempted?
Dr. Kriebel-Dion does not by definition have any political role.
If she is not a political activist, than why would local Liberal organizers try and arrange such a meeting? And then broadcast the news of the refusal for such as a political story?
If she was acting as a private individual (who happens to be a war professor on sabbatical), than this should be a non-story.
Or, is she just a tool of the Liberal Leader and Liberal organizers?
This meeting could be nothing but a political event.
She visits and the LOOO shows this as evidence of his love for soldiers. If she finds anything approaching a negative story, the LOOO announces this to much noise in the House. If she is refused, the CPC are bullies.

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