Friday, May 18, 2007

CP union members should do the math.

One report says the average wage of the CP maintenance workers 42,000/yr.
They want a 13% raise, over 3 years. So, after losing several days pay, should they win, they will get 47,460, after 3 yrs.
The company is offering 10%, over three years.= 46,200.
Let's break this down to a per day wage,
42,000 divided by 365 = 115.07 per day.
46,200. divided by 365= 126.58 per day company offer is a 4200.00 raise
47,460. divided by 365= 130.03 per day union wants is a 5460.00 raise.
So, the union is on strike for a maximum increase of 130.03-126.58= 3.45 per day.
Out of this amount they will face increased union dues and increased federal taxes of 22% on that raise.
But then again, these guys are paid to work, their union bosses are paid to manipulate.

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