Thursday, May 24, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Bonner Akin May 24

Akin in for Duffy, so MDL is a loss. Quebec budget. Foreign credentials. Usual Grit and NDP opinion makers plus Goofie Newfie Doofus Danny Williams. Disappointed that Harper cancelled dinner with Premiers. Why the hell would PMSH ever even have tea with Williams.
Bonner in for Newman.
Both of the old farts don't see any reason to show up for work today. So we have two smiling pleasant faces, one male and dark, one female and blonde, filling in for two old farts who know how to do their job.
It does define the difference between CBC and CTV, though: Blonde/Dark, Male/Female. The only thing the same is the bias.
Michael Bryant on hand gun ban on Bonner. Bryant explains how murder yesterday was a terrible tragedy but that gun crime is down. I'm sure this will provide great solace to the young dead guy's family and friends. More fake compassion used for personal benefit this time by a politician. Not Canadian to shoot kids, Bryant says. Deep.
This night might have some promise afterall, second string interviewers and interviewees might lead to some real stupid questions and even dumber answers.
Oops. Spoke too fast. Looks like the Ceeb at least is gonna go to the Toronto Police Chief's news conference.
Don't they know what this does to my early eve blogging? Don't they realize that satisfying my audience and attracting readers is far more important than them doing the same? They don't get it. This hour is about ME!!! Memememememe.
God, Doofus Danny is a turd...
Akin on the Quebec budget, Ceeb is on the news conference.
Does anyone here care about the Quebec budget? Me Not. Except for the portion that comes outta my pocket.
Notice the Ceeb refered to the "shooting" of Jordan Manners.
Wasn't the event the "murder" of Jordan Manners.
Would they have treated it differently if Jordan had been murdered by a knife or rope?
I suspect they would have. Bang is much more newsworthy than the others.
Ceeb ducks out to get back to the Brawdcast.
Bonner on with Van Load (sic), Dom Leblanc and Joe Cromartin.
Complete ban? Van Loan offers sympathy. Says don't know how murder took place. Bonner uses Miller and McGuinty as sources to get CPC to ban handguns. Peter says not the day to grandstand on this issue. Thats what M&M do best. grandstand.
Leblanc is an idiot - son of Romeo - the bagman from Shediac who gave up his seat to get Chretien a safe entry to the House and then was named House Speaker.
Jope Cromartin can't remember JANE CREBA's name. Who was killed 200 yards from my place on Boxing Day. With a banned hand gun.
Like Van Loan said how many times can you ban something.
Cormartin agrees that the guys who wanna ban hand guns are grandstanding.
Bonner is better than Akin, she at least seems like she has a feel for the to and fro. Akin only gets the fro.
Leblanc, Shediac's favorite son, is a buffoon, brewed in the bad breath of Gritism.
Alghabra, Chow and Kenney on Akin . . .
Never has there been such useless self-serving panelists on either of these shows as Chow and Alghabra (who reportedly raised $250000 for his Grit nomination) and Chow (who with her hubby Talitubby Jack) who I have heard uses the Island Airport after making nuclear level noise to try and shut it down.
I wonder what the real story was on Alghabra's nomination? Something like this was "a victory for Islam" comment from one of his chief supporters. Alghabra rambles on, Kenney looks on with a bemused smile, like he knows something he dare not say.
Chow Chow gives NDP credit for program to recognize foreign credentials. I wonder if she would have minded a doctor from Zimbabwe who finished last in hsi class doing her surgery, even in a private clinic?
Danny the Dimwit wants AFN (the natives) to have seat on the Council of the Federation. What about ME!!!! It's about ME!!! What about German Scots!!! Why don't WE (represented by ME) get a seat on the Council. Huh, Danny? Separate your island back into the stone age. I'll buy my fish somewhere else. What's that? Oh, you don't have any fish left? Too damn bad. I'll eat cake instead.
Akin got Joy, Reynolds and Hall Finlay (is her last name Hall or Finlay?)(Why does SHE get two last names? Is she special or just act like it?)
Wooo, topic is having one securities regulator across Canada. That'll get Akin a lot of viewers.
Lunn on foreign credentials on Bonner. All has been said. I wonder how Canadians would react given a choice, a Russian Certified Accountant? an English Dentist? A Namibian Architect? a Borneo trained Brain Surgeon? or a Canadian homebrew of any creed.
I've had enough for one evening.
Got a BBQ to fire up.
If you had the patience to get this far I honour you.

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