Wednesday, May 16, 2007

David Miller Wows Empty Seats in New York at Green City Shindig

David Miller wants all his people who adore him to manage their "carbon footprint" by using a "pretty cool" website.
Zerofootprint Toronto was announced at an environmental summit hosted by former U.S. president Bill Clinton and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, with mayors and local leaders from more than 30 major world cities in attendance.
“Where national governments can’t or won’t lead, cities will,” Toronto Mayor David Miller said. He challenged the other leaders at the C40 Large Cities Climate Summit to adopt the new model in their cities.
I'm sure he was a smashing success and Bubba Clinton, Red Ken Livingston and Michael Bloomberg are just as adoring as Miller's millions of minions in Toronto. Not.

No one showed up.
While fellow politicians packed Mr. Livingstone's seminar on "beating congestion and surviving your next election," none attended the concurrent session where Toronto Mayor David Miller introduced his plan for a Web-based program to encourage individuals to reduce personal emissions.
Poor Big Hat No Cattle Dave. The mayors of real cities don't think his dumb ideas are worth listening to.

I apologize to other Blogigng Tories for accidentally posting this at a time 12 hours in the future - I started drafting this last nite and changed the date but not the time this morning. Should be cleaned up with next refresh of BT.

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