Saturday, May 19, 2007

Time for a Thank You

Thousands of Cdns and Americans are on the road to somewhere this long week end. But, many thousands of others are working. So, a Thank You to those that are taking care of business so the rest can have fun.
First and foremost-to our troops and their families.
To all the first responders who are there to help in case of accident or fire or illness. Let's hope they have a quiet week end.
To the members of the service industry, working to feed us, and clean our rooms etc. as we travel by.
To the clerks and salespeople in greenhouses and other garden and do it yourself stores.
To the customers of these stores, for making their yard beautiful for us to enjoy this summer as we drive by. For growing excess garden produce you will share with neighbors and food banks.
To all the staff in hospitals and emergency rooms.
To all of the above, and those I have missed, THANK YOU.

It is too nice a day to get serious or upset about anything. For a fun read, check our Steven Laurents in the Calgary Sun, re dating today and yesterday. Love his comment on a couple of today, telling their grandchildren on their 50th anniversay, how they met. Grandma, your grandfather grinded me on the dance floor and sparks flew.

A black bear got loose in Chicago (I think) and wondered the streets eventually ending up in front of a clinic. Went up to the automatic door and went in. Clinic evacuated, bear put down with a needle, and will be released in the wild. Video of it wandering around in the clinic.

Unless something urgent happens, that's it for today. Enjoy the week-end.

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