Monday, May 14, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Duff May 14

The Brawdcast - The Separatist Duceppe-tion, Flaherty backs down
Duff - Flipflop Flaherty? Passport for US travel, Phoney Cash

Flaherty bores Toronto Board of Trade - they want to continue to write off interest in Canada as well as in tax havens. One of the tax haven countries might be Vanuatu - Paul Martin's Tax Haven. (Check this link - I think it's kinda funny). Don't know if the former and forgotten PM used this dodge or not.

Ambassador Wilkens on Duff on using passports. I've met Ambassador Wilkens and he seems to be a golly gee Carolinian. It's a facade - he's tough as old burned BBQ. Buy one now.

Don Drummond comments on Flaherty's tax changes. Generally agrees that his latest move was a good one. Now that Martin is on his way out of the LPOC, he seems more balanced in his to and fro.

More on Flaherty on Newman. Remember the old Downchild Blues Band song?
(Picture Chuck Jackson)
Flip Flop & Flaherty
Here's a little clarity
Flip Flop & Flaherty
I just had fact disparity
No more bigbiz charity.
Don't you dig temerity.

Just couldn't resist the bad poetry, guys - I love Minister Flaherty - he's doing a great job and he did need to correct the budget and he had cojones enough to swallow his pride and do it.

Washy silly-Least, Booboo Bryson and Pallister comment on Flaherty move - perfect synchronization of size: tall, medium and short. Look like the three bears sitting there, too hot for little Judy, too cold for Booboo and just right for big Brian.

No Fly List and Stock Day. Stock says only known terrorists, convicted or serious crimes related to aviation. Only those a clear danger. What about the flatulent? Will they be able to fly? They can be very deadly indeed.

Newman on Afstan. Former Vice-Chancellor of Germany. What do Germans think? Afstan underfunded with not enough troops. Problem in Pakistan not only in Afstan but with India. Newman - what about German's doing safe work in North and avoiding heavy lifting. V-C: Has been some German troops killed. Have to apply for a vote in Parliament for escalation, tough to do in that socialist hell hole that once was important to the world and where no one works anymore. US and NATO need to address Pakistan - they need to be pressured to clean up their act.

Bernie, new NDipper (former Grit CabMin) and Rattard Kennedy. NDPer says PQ has passed its best before date - was a protest movement. Rattard tries to get heard. Keeps interrupting. "To be fair" when is he ever fair? Every time he talks with the pseudo-sincere smirk and won't shut up I almost have to buy a new TV. Thankfully I have nothing heavy to throw. (I think he secretly wants me to do this... He is talking directly to me. To me alone. Only to me. I am hypmotized.)

Duff Journalists - Rosie and Joel Denis. Reviewed QP comments on Duceppe - Iggy says he an opportunist - Iggy well knows opportunism (first hand). Talitubby Jack (who's never worked a day in his life - Dad and Grand Dad both rich politicians) says it does nothing for the working people in Quebec.

Martha Hall Finlay had a sleep over near Stornaway... Anyone get pictures??

Weak-ass backroom panel on Newman, Richard Marceau, Susan Smith, Dick Proctor and Yaroslav Baran
on the Duceppe-tion. Marceau says his arms fell off when he heard. He feels bad, can't give Gilles a hug when he comes back to the fold. Susan thinks we will see a new softer Gilles.
Last chat on tax havens. Last chance to click on the Vanatu / Paul Martin tax haven link.

Pretty good night - lotsa chances for snide and nasty comments. 7/10

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