Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Akin May 22

Yippee!!! Newsworld is gonna do the Manitoba election tonite. Can't wait.
Akin is in for Duffy- I tune in for Duff not under-informed and overly-opinionated talking head replacements. Click.
The Brawdcast - Harper in Afstan on Canadian Aid. Paul Hunter quotes poll "problems". I thinks polls ARE the problem. Karsai says that no evidence of any torture of detainees. Just the CPC government by Grits and Dippers looking to find something to complain about.
Pictures of PMSH with kids in orphan schools, visiting Tim's tomorrow and meeting troops. Might travel outside the wire - good, Ceeb, let's let the Taliban know that their chief Canadian opponent / leader is within rocket range.
Coderre not surprised PM there - says was a getaway with stylist girlfriend and to build up his airmiles. You remember Hezbollah Denis. He LOVES Islamic terrorists. He's an insult to the Liberal Party (and that says a lot). Dawn Black says clearly is not going great for government (like they're going great for the Dippers). If her political career doesn't work out she can go back to her old job, taking phone messages and counting paper clips. She does take a piece of Coderre. He on defensive.
Newman - What's wrong with seeing things for himself? Denis says, it's not that a PM is going, it's the himself. Should be me or Steffi Dion. Dawn wants PMSH to get his head cut off in a personal meeting with the Taliban.
The Grits have a Hezbollah supporter as defense critic and the Dippers a secretary. Very credible.
Newman shuts them up, when they speak over him, he shuts them down.
Akin does feature on pissed off Tin Hat conservatives. PMSH not right wing enough for them. Fine - they can vote Green or Grit. Gerry Nicholls also wants to go back to the days of splitting vote to let the Grits always win. Says that if this happens, it's Harper's advisors fault. Akin does have a good point that CPC can afford to lose support in Alberta.
So Harper is scary right wing to the Dippers and Grits and scary left wing to the ex-reformers.
Means he's probably right. I mean centre.
Ed Broadbent on electoral reform in Ontario. He likes it. I have written somewhere on this before - the proposed scheme is bogus. Newman says that unlikely people will vote for a different party and a different party candidate. Ed doesn't understand the formula. Stumbles. Then refers to the way it works in Germany. Does he know something we don't know - either he is talking out of school or doesn't know wtf he's saying. I say the latter. Broadbent says that he likes it because more Tories would be elected in Ottawa. No fool like an old NDP fool. Both old farts chatter about what it actually consists of. If they can't figure this out, how the heck will voters? Broadbutt won't let it go. He shoulda read up on it before the Newman show.
McGrath, Yaro and Steve MacMartin (kinnon) on Akin. Eastern Block is falling down. Falling down. Falling down.
Eastern Block is falling down, My Fair Belinda. On Committee Playbook - I was aghast. First that it would be written down, then leaked. What is it about Mackinnon's bangs? He desperately needs a makeover. Cue image consultant.
Rick Anderson with Senators shirt on - doesn't he know the senate buffet is not gonna be offered to non-elected former reformers?
Robin Sears agrees that it's time to call it quits to this sitting of Parliament. Expects big picture nationalistic messaging. Baldy LeDrew asks to respond to question whether gov is serious about governing. What the hell would this bankrupt buffoon know about serious?
Duff in Manitoba for Election. Looks rough. Stay in Ottawa Mike. Winnipeg is beautiful in the summer. Have a martini in the lounge at the Fort Geary Hotel.
Weston and Galloway on Akin. Gloria says she hears from her inside contacts that the Tories are right wing nuts who will vote Liberal so long as the Globe and Whail continues to slag Harper. Calls Stefi - Mr. Dion and Talitubby Jack: Mr. Layton. No bias there. Gloria is acting silly. Red faced and flopping around.
Still in Silly Season. Will be for the next three months or so.
Won't be blogging the shows tomorrow - life things to do.

Especially for shows like today which was 3/10.

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