Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Newman Akin May 23

This may be abbreviated. With Duff in Winnipeg, Newman bored and no one on the Hill (except Dawn Black and Denis Codere who get their ten minutes in the sun on these shows) it is very unlikely there will be anything useful said, much less worth writing about.
I will be very light in activity starting on Saturday for 6 days. Will be traveling. But will see if I can add some stuff when I run across it. Meanwhile MaryT will surely kick in when she gets back on Monday, and we will have another unique point of view joining Blue Lemons shortly.
Brawdcast - starts with school shooting at Keele & Weston Road.
MDL is also covering murder story. Kids killing kids in Toronto. What level of desperation must they live with? Where did they learn that it's okay to act out in such a violent way? Why does the media always insist on making these terrible events and their perpetrators so notorious? Kid was 14. He's dead. No junior high prom for him.
Newman on Manitoba Election. Leave comment to Darcey. Click.
Akin on PMSH in Afstan. Coderre and McDonough. Akin about to quote discredited poll written by Chretien's former communications advisor. Check out Kate at SDA on this.
CTV goes back to local coverage. It is important to them, I guess, to scare the crap out of as many parents as possible.
Our media, in their desperation to pull our eyeballs out of our skulls insist on (a) showing every detail on such horrible crimes that they can, (b) try and prove that they are compassionate and give a shit about the victim, and (c) speculate at length with so-called experts in the media.
To paraphrase from memory Andrew Klavan, a brilliant suspense writer, in "Hunting Down Amanda" talks about how at a crime scene the media interview the police, then they interview the friends and family and then they interview each other which they seem to like best of all.

My dear sigother told me the other day that two girls in her daughter's rural high school had a big fight, arranged in advance, with an audience that resulted in bloody noses, etc. Someone filmed and put it on YouTube. Everyone wants to be an actor or director. Might get to hang with J Lo.
We are awash with useless and harmful information and thirsty for knowledge. Why do people insist at slowing to watch car crash sites and crime events?

This is a wrap.
There is no way that normal politics can compete with media having a chance to glorify their false compassion. And no way that I can continue to report on this media ignorance.

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