Friday, May 04, 2007

Okay. If you won't buy the 20 foot high ocean rise story, then how about four inches?

The latest pre-report from the IPCC seems to temper the extreme conclusions that were foisted upon the global population over the last few months. Despite what The Star says.
At least according to Roger Harrabin from the BBC. On The Current this morning he explained how this week's report (developed by the IPCC Economists - not withstanding Kooky Suzuki's instructions not to listen to God damned economists) actually explains how easy it will be. Evidently, all we have to do is turn our lights off, build green structures and not exhale so much.
Even the Americans are coming to the table. (I wonder how the Grits will be able to take credit for this?)
It reminds me of the bad salesman, "okay, if you won't pay $1,000 how about $500?

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