Friday, May 11, 2007

Best Find by A Reader Ever on CBL - Great Advice for CPC

Thanks to Wilson.
Globe carried a CP story, May 9/07:
'The report from Save the Children, based in London, has Canada dropping over the past year to 25th place from fifth on the Children's Index.' This story was not picked up by many (Dippers?), because, the data covered 2004-2005, when the Liberals in charge...
Why did Canada drop so dramatically? I don't ask this as a Liberal bashing cue.
What can Canada's government do to reverse the downward trend?
Are (we) Conservatives not taking the Save the Childrens report seriously? If not, why not?
If Conservatives don't get a handle on this, and get front and center, next year we could have another 'Afghan detainee' type explosion, when the data isn't from Liberal times, and will be used as proof that Cons have killed social programs.

This is great advice for the CPC. It takes a while for any organization to get on top of communications, to have positions established in advance on every possible scenario, to have a machine to anticipate what might come up and need instant response, and to have a response ready.
The risk that Wilson identifies is bang on, and the CPC should have a position and move on it now. The article certainly has a tone that seems biased against the CPC - notwithstanding that it relates to a period when Canada was ruled by the Grits. It can be expected, however, that the Grits will get on top of this and demand and answer why the CPC has not acted. After all they've had 15 months to fix the problem.
Realy simple. Announce a program that addresses the reasons for this problem - and much relates to family breakdown (even though the commentator blames a deficit in early childhood education).
We should get on top of this.

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