Thursday, May 31, 2007

Anyone Else Tired of CPC Commentators and Tight Control?

If I get disappointed, how about the rest of the CPC Nation?
I can understand the strategy of moving to the middle. Frankly, (even as a one time Reformer) the middle is the place to be. And those CPC members who won't accept any concessions whatsoever to the big lazy group of small l libs and small c cons are determined to let the Big S Socialists run our country. And thereby let the Grits rule in perpetuity.
My tipping point to be a critic of some of the stuff going on came with a refusal of the PM to revisit capping of the FedTax on gas. I was pissed off when the Grits wouldn't do it, and I'm pissed off that PMSH won't.
I can also understand the desire to control messaging. But the dumbo eruptions of Gallant, Thompson, Anders et al are in the past.
And the Facebook ban is plain dumb.
The Grits send out their A Team to represent their positions: Goodale, Hall Finlay, Rattard Kennedy, (even Raccoon Reid) et al.
We send out Van Loan, Norquay, Jiro, and Hill.
Jay is okay, but the rest are duds.
Our party looks like it's composed of cementheads.
Unless the PM wants to do all the public appearances himself (he IS our Gretzky) Helen Gorgeous, Jaffer and Powers should be front and centre.
Let's get some people in front of cameras that can make an impression and put up an argument, not just avoid embarrassment.

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