Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Rumours of CPC Death Exaggerated

I'm pleased to advise that MaryT has joined CBL as an author. She promises to add new spice and another set of eyes on the poliscene. Her first post...

There is a lot of talk about the recent poll, showing support in Alberta for the Conservatives has dropped 10%.
While this has resulted in a decline in the national poll results, this isn't necessarily bad.
A drop of support in oil country likely won't have a big negative event in seats there, but could be offset by the same policy events by gains in "vote rich" Ontario and Quebec.
Also, in Alberta, it is highly unlikely that the lost support went to the NDP or Grits, but more likely to undecided or Green, just to park their opinions.
There is a lot of money in the white rose province, and there was a lot of anguish, if not anger, among those who lost money with the income trust decision.
But ultimately, these losses will be adjusted and carried forward on tax returns and not be an issue in a year or so, in time for the next election.
The House will recess for the summer in a few weeks, Dion and the other thugs slamming the CPC will disappear from sight. The Conservatives will use some of their massive availability of funds to continue an effective ad campaign.
There is no need to panic, just to stay the course.
Meanwhile, the best line of the week was Stockwell Day referring to Iggy as the "Honourable Member from Harvard".

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