Thursday, May 03, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Akin May 3

Paul Hunter started out on the new Afstan detainee agreement as a supplement to the agreement signed in 2005 by the Liberals.
Torture is prohibited. Access to detainees and facilities allowed. No word on whether being forced to read Al Gore's book will qualify as torture.
Newman confirms that the Grits signed the initial agreement in 2005. Gen Hillier of my own 8th Canadian Hussars refuses to comment until he sees it.
Layton, Dion and Duceppe asking if this applies to all prisoners, the ones turned over to Afghan or to the Red Cross, the ones who jaywalked and parked their flying carpets illegally. Tali-Jack is upset because this is not clearly spelled out.
All these turkeys are gobbling about how someone could have, should have, might have done something. Amnesty International upset (but as a marxist organization they're always upset). Says you can never have enough monitors to stop the torture. I suggest one personal escort and one personal valet per detainee.
Everyone forgets that torture is to Afstan what Hockey is to Canada (and in most cases is less violent). Court case to continue. Flash Update - NDPer Michael Byers, UBC prof who is threatening war crimes charges on Canadians says the new deal is a great first step.
Fixed date for elections passes. Newman says we will have an election before Oct 19, 2009 as we have a minority govt. The question is who will want to pull the trigger.
Discussion on Senate reform. Newman mentions things move slower in the Senate when opposition forms govt. Will it be an election issue? Will be among all those failed Grit MPs and former Bagmen who have no where to go after they've warn out their welcome and gotten out of jail.
There was pre warning of the Air India attack one week before the event. RCMP knew about it.
Watch the news tonight to get the whole story on this. Another black eye for the mounties. Important documents have disappeared. Names are forgotten. Terry M says the truth will probably never be known.
Newman interviewing 4 members of official languages committee. Everyone but the Bloc wants this settled.
If only there was a penalty box in the House of Commons.
A motion in committee to support Team Canada and encourage them to win the Gold Medal.
Danny Williams taking his rant on the road -- how do Newfies travel to the mainland anyway? (hope it backfires on him) Who knew the fish quota had been changed? Didn't think there was any fish left.
Does Danny Goldielocks really believe that Dithers would have lived up to any promises made prior to the election? He never kept any others.
From what Mary reports it looks like it was a pretty slow day on Newman. I really appreciate her filling in. I trust she won't mind my adding a few zingers.

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