Friday, May 18, 2007

Royson on Black Schools

I blogged the other day on Royson's opinion on the aborted Shabazz visit to Toronto.
Today, he's into the old "Black Focused Schools" theme.
The sentiment of many emails received was: Why can't they just get along, work hard, stay in schools, grow up to be responsible citizens? Why all this talk about separation and race? We should be pushing a colour-blind society.
Noble ideals, all.
My worldview is shaped by the Eurocentric world that dominates Western thought, philosophy and culture. Anizor and a large and growing number of Torontonians reject that view. They dub it "white supremacy," a provocative appellation that affects their credibility by engendering ill will where there might be cooperation. But, then again, that's my worldview.
Royson doesn't seem to mind the white supremacist sobriquet. Even though those white supremacists are almost exclusively simple, hard working, honest, friendly people. But he's okay to paint them with the same white supremacist brush.
So. What is it that these black leaders want? Don't want racial profiling, except when it serves their purpose. Don't want to be measured academically against all people in their age group. but only against themselves.
The ultimate racist in this article might be Royson himself. Because he suggests that all black young people are having the same societal problems. The fact is that almost all of them live the normal often trying lives of young people. Almost all of them never have a run-in with the police, aren't in gangs, and succeed in life.
And that won't be helped by Royson's "world view".

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