Wednesday, May 09, 2007

MaryT on QP May 9

Duceppe not favorite in Quebec for leadership of PQ according to overnight polls.
Caucus members say the decision is up to him.
Will the Bloc survive if Duceppe leaves-of course it will. Conservatives and Liberals too extreme for most Quebec voters. (Extreme? The PQ ain't extreme?)
Rosemary Barton on with Newman today-what happened to Bonner? Codere thinks Duceppe leaving would be good for Grits as Quebec will want to have more members on govt side.
Breaking news. RCMP have arrested employee of Enviroment dept for leaking a document. Remember the secret document ending up in ON Preem's Smarter Brother's hands a few weeks ago. Got it under false pretenses. Supposedly faxed to wrong number. Now, she is in trouble with RCMP.
Found Susan, she is in the foyer getting reaction from Bloc Caucus.
Question from Susan Bonner to Que MP, how would Duceppe do against Dion in a referendum.
Another question re who would benefit from fall of Bloc-NDP is supposedly ahead of liberals among francophone voters. That from a CROP poll.
Mexico problem for cdn tourists-did Toews fall or was he beaten. Message, stay away from Mexico. McKay to phone the family and will have more to say after QP.
Ujjal cancelling his visit to Mexico.
Why did the Air India plane take off before the dog sniffing team arrived to investigate, after being called.
Oh Oh, first question on Afganistan-what happens after 2009, Harper says NATO not asking for decisions on this yet. Harper says that just for once the troops and cdn people would like a thank you from the opposition for what out troops are doing.
Iggy is MAD, again asking for O'Connor to be fired.
Opposition doesn't understand the mission. Do they ever understand anything? One sorry group if not, one hypocritical group if they do and don't admit it.
Duceppe- Question on loopholes in tax policies. Wants the Barbados loophole shut. Diane Abolonzy congrats the Bloc for working on this study.
Discussion section 5907 that allows corporations to avoid tax on profits from overseas.
Layton-Again on cdn corporations being taken over in firesale transactions by numerous countries. Canada for Sale sign put out, says Layton.
Harper smacks him down with NDP doesn't want free trade etc.
Carnations are for MS campaign fundraiser. Harper came in late and didn't get one.

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