Thursday, May 17, 2007

Get Michael Coren on the Internet!!!

Got the following email from Mr. Coren in response to an email I sent:

Thanks so very much. We're actually very available in Ontario - on basic cable in almost the whole province. I'll send your note on the boss types at CTS. Thanks again.
Michael Coren

Let's get him on the internet!!!
Send your emails to

My email to Michael
All the best to you.I have a conservative blog (canadianbluelemons) and posted a plug for your show.
I got tremendous (for my little blog) positive response.
Conservatives (especially people of faith) are thirsty to see your program which they cannot now do. Do you have plans to stream it on the internet?
Thousands of Canadians would truly enjoy this.

Nightly, Michael Coren hosts the most balanced political opinion smack-down on Canadian TV.
Chances are it is easier for you to get Playboy TV than the Michael Coren Show, but if you can, I recommend tuning in.
Cable 36 (channel 9 in Toronto), ExpressVu-651/Star Choice-355/Look-19.
THURSDAY, May 17 - On The Hill. Federal politics with Gerrard Kennedy, Gerry Nicholls, Kevin Modeste and John Carmichael.
I wish I could check him out flattening Rattard Kennedy.
We would definitely have a spot for a guest author who might like to live blog some of his programs.

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