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Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Duff May 2

Am back after doing life stuff yesterday. If you haven't I invite you to visit Tali-Tubbies for a chuckle.
Have to click out at about 545, hope the good stuff (if any) happens by then - would be great if anyone volunteered to fill in my blanks.
Duff - Hockey Nite in Kandahar, G&M Rogue Elements at DOD that did detainee deal (aren't all Grit elements "rogue"?)
Newman - Liberal worried about no $$, Tories hated by Tories, Afstan prisoners.

Newman on ways that CAF handle detainees. Will this non-story never disappear? Seems Canucks are resisting taking prisoners and encouraging Afghans to take custody. Can't say I blame them...
Doing so have gotten them the potential of loonie tunes trying to get war crime charges for not shooting their sorry terrorist asses. Seems Canadians have no responsibility to keep prisoners.
Heard Lew Mackenzie on today - doubted that ANY real tortured detainees were allowed to speak to G&M reporters. Doesn't make sense, wouldn't they more likely roll out the jolly untortured version?

Bill Siksay, a member of the most confused political organization in western society, coaches the Conservatives on how to organize things. Sorta like the French telling the Germans how to make trains run on time. Kenney slaps Irwin Kotler for wanting us to build a prison and then pull out when it's finished and Siksay wants us to surrender now.

Newman's bobblehead panel - Newman slaps Cullen for expecting us to run a prison system in Afstan. Cullen wants Cdn soldiers to do due diligence. Cullen shows lack of knowledge on Geneva Convention (as do all NDPers by definition. Oughta be a GC clause that prohibits socialists from talking about, thinking about, or having anything to do with war. They are dangerous. Jeff Regan drops Wm Westmorelands "Win their Hearts and Minds" line forgetting the part about how this comes about when you have them by the cojones. Cullen admits he's not smart enough to figure out the simple terms of the detainee agreement. Vivian Barbeau (whose job little Justin Trudeau lusts for) was on the panel. Is she related to Adrian Barbeau of "The Fog" fame?

On Duff, Canuck Pucksters says they're backing Doan 100%, he again denies absolutely. Duff says it's about the BQ being down in polls, Ken Dryden says that Canadians are racist and throw slurs at French Canadians the way that the Bruins used to throw rubber at him. Says IF TRUE then DOAN SHOULD NOT BE CAPTAIN. This makes it relative - what if he said, "Hey you, you're a poutine." Would Kenny still ban him from consideration? Admits that he swears in his mind when he gets cut off driving his enviro friendly Primus.

Duff on Ellie May calling businesses Nazi's and CPC enablers. Today she messed it up more by saying that she's only guilty of stealing a comment from another moonbat so should not be held responsible. No apology or explanation from her for dumping on Christians and says GWB believes that Joan Jett was Duffy's sister.

Moors and McGrath blames Tories for Jean Chretien changing fundraising rules and shutting them down. Duff asks Moors when Jethro Dion will dump Ellie May. Moors says that PMSH has stolen their strategy of bait and switch. McGrath says Tories dumb while they are obviously brilliant and that's why no one votes for them. Jethro / Ellie incestuous marriage is like SSM in USA - can get married, just not divorced.

Newman with Pat Gossage and David Herle on how Dion is lost on Bay St. Two old Grit Whore Horses. They say the old time Grits are helping him out in Toronto. Danny the Dick Williams buying ads on Newman - and he claims he's broke . . . Lessard and Travesty on Newman. Grits have gone from $5m to $500k in fundraised. This is really serious for Grits, especially since failed leader candidates are still trying to raise money.

Duff on who is stabbing whom with McCharles and Fife. Says Tories are post-coital with loss of adrenaline since no election call. Look at calling end to session in early June. Says knives pointed at Dion have been sheathed. Fife says Doan-Gate is disgusting. Definitely agree here. Pox on all their houses.

Real weak show. Nothing new. 1/10 just for on principle.
Duff not on tomorrow - Akin filling in - I'll be running for cover.

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