Friday, May 04, 2007

Evening Blue Lemons Report Newman Richardson May 4

Sorry got home late - arrived at 1729

Great Reid Powers Smackdown. Scott hits Tim with right cross on proof of an Afstan detainee being tortured. Powers counters back, it's proof when we find out that the system works, that the Grits who signed the agreement also had proof and never did anything about it.
Then the Stephane Dion / Martha Hall Finlay "Slumber Party" fundraiser.
Does Ellie May know that Steffi's playing the field? Powers slapped Reid that the last sleep-over involved Jacques Corriveau. Reid covered his kidneys. Reid has really cleaned up his act in last couple of months. Still a partisan prick, but more presentable.
Newman brings up Danny the Dick Williams telling the world not to vote Conservative. Then the NS Premier and Sask Premier.
Simple solution - tell them they're no longer eligible for the alternative program that would provide them more money.
Travesty and Delacourt - both Red Star hacks, CPC sliding in the polls say that Harper is lying. Pure media Grit politics in its worst form. Employees of a Liberal newspaper calling the PM a liar.
Taber and Blinky on MDL - Taber says Grits have caught the tight CPC gov't on the ropes, Blinky says that this is a government that will respond to public pressure. Blinky says not enough cooperation, communications among the bureaucracy and electees.
Fail to mention that the bureaucracy is Liberal appointed.
They laugh at Martha's sleepover.

Sorry for abbreviated version...
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