Friday, May 04, 2007

The Un-united Kingdom

We've all seen Braveheart, and thus are well advised on the stress between the Anglo Normans in England and the Highland Aboriginal Vikings.
Tension has never eased between the two main tenants of the island they share (forgive me Welshmen - I'm of that strain as well). And brave hearts such as the Bonnie Prince, Mary, Sean Connery and Matheson and his gang of stone stealers have resisted occupation by the bluudy English since the Hammer of the Scots, Edward Longshanks, tore Willie Wallace into pieces.
Now democracy looks to do what 700 years of turmoil could not.
EDINBURGH – Scottish nationalists committed to independence from Britain became the largest party in the Scottish parliament today in a severe blow to Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labour Party.[...]
SNP leader Alex Salmond, who has pledged a referendum in three years on Scottish independence from Britain, declared himself the winner. "This is an historic moment," he said.
Things have changed on Great Britain's biggest island. Scotland has become a very tech-driven modern economy with a very strong common identity, while England has devolved into a polyblot of nothing, just left with their finance industry in a capital often referred to as Londonstan.
There is a difference in this case from Canada - Scotland is thriving while the larger part of the island is withering. Their move for independence is one from strength.
Gae, ye bluudy Scots.

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