Thursday, May 03, 2007

Rambling thoughts

In the interest of seeming to be different, the Dion Liberals are appearing schizophrenic - very busy reversing positions on many laws and legislation that they put in place, in the first place. Examples include the Anti-Terrorist act, along with being a leader in the Afganistan mission and the detainee agreement.

But also, it looks like they are reversing fields on the hate they have for everything American. During the Chretien/Martin years the IN thing was to be anti-US. If the US anything it was wrong and our candy-assed liberal leaders bent over backwards to do the opposite. Iraq and Kyoto are two obvious examples.

When did things change? Because now, the Liberals are selectively choosing to look toward Americans for leadership, even encouraging their involvement. Providing it fits with their weak-kneed philosophy, of course.

They are cheering on an 85 yr old grandmother from the states who's taking on Syncrude.
They love a crtain chubby ex-president who has all the answers for Canada when he could not even get his on government to sign Kyoto.
He even voted AGAINST IT!
Good for him, because while the US pople didn't want him as President, he has Canadian Liberals who seem to love him.
I wonder how many trees have been cut down to produce Gore's book, how many tons of energy used and how much pollution produced by printing and distribution. And it is replacing the Bible in hotel rooms.
How many other Americans are loved by the Liberals and are influencing us today. Ellie May is a US citizen and personal friend of Bill Clinton. Iggy spent many years as a professor there and supported Iraq and torture.
Then there is Time magazine naming Arar one of the most influential people in the world, while George Bush is left off the list.
I wonder if we should warn supporters of SSM, to beware, the way liberals change their mind, they might change their policy on that next. And who knows, maybe they'll finally keep their promise to kill the GST. If w're ever dumb enough to elect them.

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