Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How Did I Miss the Horton's Sign Story?

Yesterday I read our local paper and read the small item re the sign on a Tim Horton's window, in Lethbridge. I thought of posting on it and then figured it was a non story. Boy, was I wrong.
Today it is in the g&m.
A national boycott of Tim Hortons is being called for. Some of the comments are vicious. It was done as a joke, a very bad joke, by a teenager. Management has punished the guilty party and apologized to everyone that may have been insulted.
There is more outrage against this teenager than there is against the teens who murdered a student or stabbed a BC youth, or attacked a ref or killed a taxi driver.
I wouldn't be surprised to see it brought up in the House of Commons by the ndp as proof that Alberta is full of racists and evidence the govt will do nothing for the natives. Too bad the g&m didn't feel it was important to publicize all the evidence re the sponsorship and adscam scandals as it was developing, or to tell the truth re the algore scam or the liberals inaction for years on the kyoto scam.

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