Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Grits ADMIT LibLog Connection and Using Bloggers

The Grits have long accused the Blogging Tories of being a formal communications arm of the Conservative Party of Canada. From January 18th, 2006 - Eugene Parks and Carol Jamieson at work by trying to force Elections Canada to do, well, something.
The problem with this is that there is not and has never been any formal type of relationship between the BTs and any political party. It is purely a grass roots blogging movement by those that have felt that the MSM did not represent both sides in their coverage. Here's BT's Founder's Response

But now - Liberal Pipsqueak (Kinsella's pet talking monkey) ADMITS that Stephane Dion is organizing exactly the strategy that the Grit's were up in arms about a year ago. He even now disparages BT's lame attempts.
Even worse, perhaps, is that David Akin has chosen to PROMOTE the Grit effort.
Tuesday afternoon, the Liberal Party of Canada set up a conference call with a number of bloggers. The speakers included:
Mark Marissen - Campaign Co-Chair
Jamie Carroll - LPC National Director
Mike Girardin - LPC webmaster
Denise Brunsdon - YLC executive member
Kris Ade - OLO Strategic Communications
This whole thing is about opening up the campaign to some (although not a lot of) scrutiny. Contrast that to the Tory campaign, which might speak to Stephen Taylor but nobody else.

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