Thursday, June 21, 2007

Lemon: The Grit Messes PMSH is Blamed For

The Liberal Party is like a rat - very difficult to corner and most dangerous when it has been so trapped.
The CPC has been the governing party now for 17 months. It came in with a very short list of platform priorities but since these were accomplished, has been forced to face the wrath of the Opposition, it's pet puppy media and various marxist imps, not for it's own mistakes and flubs, but
for those of the previous governing Liberals!

Here's a list of links that describe these:

Kyoto: A post at the Phantom today describes how the Liberal (and current Dion) plan would have been much more harmful for the environment than that of the CPC

Afstan Detainees - Damian Penny in May: Former prime minister Paul Martin gave approval almost two years ago to then-defence minister Bill Graham to negotiate a detainee transfer agreement with the Afghanistan government, according to government documents obtained by CanWest News Service.

Income Trusts - This had to be done, but the Liberals were too chicken to do it. Even "The Garth" supported Flaherty's action.

Native Land Claims - holdup on settling land claims is a product of the former Liberal government

Atlantic Accord - Martin Did it, and Dion Denied it.

RCMP Corruption - The cozy relationship between the RCMP and the Grits was reported here.

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