Monday, June 11, 2007

Lemon: Disgusted by Fellow Capitalist - Charlie Baillie

Anyone catch Parson Manning's radio show "This I Believe" this morning on the Ceeb?
You can read it here.
Of all the times that I have been really angry about content on the CBC, I doubt very much I have ever been angrier than I was today and definitely never before at a capitalist who was featured on the national network.
Former TD Chairman, Charlie Baillie who is now Chancellor of Queen's University explained how important equal opportunity is for Canada, how every child should have equal access to opportunity and education.
He described how a "spikie" city can attract the brightest and smartest from everywhere.
He even personalized it by describing how providing this equal opportunity would likely not allow his eldest son to return home from his job as Chief of Looting and Pillaging at Goldman Sachs in New York to work in Toronto, nor help his second son return from London where he is saving all the furry friendly world's creatures.
But that equal opportunity could allow his third son continue to work in a job in Toronto with Scepter Funds as the Head of Investing Millionaires' Money into the Pockets of Other Millionaires Sons, and how his daughter could actually get a job in Canada finding the cure for all the diseases that affect poor people.
Tell me, Charlie, this idea of yours of equal opportunity, does this involve every child being born to the the Chairman of a giganti-normous financial institution that charges little old ladies a buck and a half to withdraw their own money?
Does it involve every child having a father who with a phone call and a donation of a million bucks or so, can get their child into MIT or Harvard?
Old, over the hill, elitist buffoon.

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