Thursday, June 14, 2007

Lemon: Duffy? Gossip? Naaahhh...

Duffy has spent more than 25 years covering Parliament Hill and hosts Mike Duffy Live, a talk show that explores Canada’s top political stories. But the 61-year-old Charlottetown, P.E.I., native said his career path wasn’t always smooth.
He was fired three times early in his career and made the transition from radio to TV reluctantly, after making sure that he could get his radio job back if TV didn’t work out.
He advised graduates to work hard, think positive and rise above petty office politics.
“The most successful people I know are those who can see the big picture,” he said. “Don’t step into the black hole of envy and
Mike was awarded his honourary degree by Bob Rae, college Chancellor, failed premier and failed Grit leadershop candidate,who also failed Air India victims, Hep C victims and students.
Cozy little circle isn't it.
Bob probably took note of this - he can always go back to being a professional apologist for government fiascos or get another loan from his brother at Power Corp if he fails at being elected an MP in Toronto Centre.

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