Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lemon: Student Job Program - Shouldn't be for all

I expect a fair amount of comment on my opinion on this.
A student summer hiring subsidy program has become a bit of an expected entitlement for small businesses and non-profits. But the basic principle of the program is to provide opportunities for students, not subsidies to employers.
We are in a 6% unemployment economy. Almost any able-bodied student should be able to find work on normal terms. The most able-bodied might be willing to live in tents or trailers near Alberta for a couple of months.
Disabled kids and those with other disadvantages don't have these options. They need a step up to support their education.
The Spryfield B&G Club is unwilling - for unknown reasons - not to make an application to explain why they need an exemption. And unemployment is higher there, which is likely reason enough to get an approval. By not so doing, they're not helping anyone.

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