Wednesday, June 06, 2007

CBL Honoured by Mr. Erl

Everyone that reads the BTs drops in regularly on Mr. Erl. He writes well and is not in the least afraid of making our conservative status quo the status went. He brings forward positions that deserve respect and ideas that we need to develop in our ideology.
CBL was started about a year and a half ago because we wanted to be a part of the movement to oppose the messages of a mainstream media that seemed to live in a bizarro world. We found a home on the Blogging Tories.
We purposefully set out to in a small political way be as curmudgeonly as Henry Louis Mencken, but without the straw hat.
We've posted somewhere around 860 pieces, some have tried to be nasty, some have been a little funny and some bang on the money. Others have been busts.
Early on Hespeler was kind enough to anoint us as BT Site of the Week and we proudly wear this emblem on our sidebar. In the last few months we've learned that very highly thought of people in the highest ranks of the CPC get a chuckle from some of our posts.
In the last month, we have built an editorial team: MaryT (who has been married for fifty years!) adds spice to CBL, BATB is tremendously passionate and erudite as an educator should be and adds a little more citrus, and nom de blog provides a grain of common sensical salt.
I'd like to thank the editorial team for elevating us in the depth and breadth of opinion and observation that we are continually improving.
But for me, of all our modest achievements, the thing I'm most happy about, is to be recognized by a bright new face and voice among the Blogging Tories: Mr. Erl for writing of us in such glowing terms.
Thank you, Erl.
May you, in your blogging future, piss off even more sycophantish liberals than we have.
It is little random acts of kindness like yours that keep us k-boarding.

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