Friday, June 01, 2007

New Paris and Nicole Reality Show

"The Simple Con's Life"
It's high-jinks in striped jump-suits
as Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie do the Prison in Prada and go slumming again, this time in a jail just outside of Los Angeles.
They spend hours chatting, remembering their hours spent chatting about times spent chatting and doing makeovers for other inmatrons. The makeover of Massive Marj is especially madcap as "the Marj" relates her sexual identity problems and the girls make jokes about her hairy pits.
"The way that Paris's whole entire case was dealt with was, A, out of her control but B, really unfair," Richie said. "Sometimes people just get exploited so I can only hope that doesn't happen to me."
The duo will be visited by friends and family members during the series and to maintain a sense of reality, the visits will take place in a real prison interview room. No one's talking about it, but there might be a little surprise planned for when Paris' boy toy shows up for a connubial visit. Will Marj be hiding in the closet? No one's talking...

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