Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Lemon: Suzuki Tresspassing on Porch in New Ad

I was peacefully watching Canadian Idol tonight with the sound off when Kooky Suzuki invaded my TV space.
I thought he was a contestant, though I thought he was older than 26. Supposedly he DID perform at the Luminato party on Saturday. Maybe he had a new career up his sleeve.
On second glance, I saw that Suzuki was also invading someone else's space.
He was peering through the bushes before
sneaking up onto some dude's front porch to change his lightbulb. It was really creepy, man.
He looked weird; wild eyed, wild haired, creepy. Very creepy..
The dude came out the door, like us, ya know - forty-some, a little follicly challenged, a little belly over the belt wearing a white TShirt. Man, he looked pissed, this freak who looked like something from the Manson gang was on HIS front porch playing with HIS lightbulb.
I thought (actually hoped) that the dude was gonna slap him. But no. . .
Instead, I guess knowing that the penalty for slapping a cat burglar is heavier than actually cat burglaring, he held off. At least long enough for the freak on his porch to point all the way down the block to a whole streetful of clonish Stepford husbands installing new low energy lights.
I'm still quivering in fear.
When will he creep onto MY front porch?
Are my neighbours acting strange, zombi eyed, being extra careful with their recycling this week? Am I the last hold out?
Paid for by The Province of Ontario and Anonymous Energy Suppliers...

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