Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Duff June 26

Duff says today soup to nuts.
Scottie Reid and Alex McDuhna must be on at the end.

Duff does cover Comuzzi joining the CPC. PMSH slams Dion's obsession with Environment at expense of economy.
Joe C - Duff says long line of Grits who have joined Tories. Joe says that PMSH right - broad base and wide appeal of CPC very important. Joe says was no deal.
Joe says Dion lied about this.
Duff asks why were some Grits allowed to stay who voted for the budget but you were kicked out. Joe says he hadn't even voted when he got kicked out - Dion never returned his calls. Duff says many Grit MPs say that Dion has moved party too far to the left - are there others that are going to defect? Joe says big movement of Grit supporters in Thunder Bay to CPC.

House Leaders: Peter Van Loan, Geoff Regan, Mumu Davies - Regan says growth in support for Steffi. NDPer once again has shorts in knots because other two parties can get people to cross floor but never once has anyone crossed the floor to the pathetic group that are the NDP. Even the Green's got Dion support.
Is there a realignment on philosophy by MPs - PVL says this is natural as CPC becomes national governing party. Says division continues in Grits - Iggy vs Dion, Kennedy Supporters vs Dion, Duff says that Regan always smiles every time Iggy stands up. Mumu Davies says NDP the strongest opposition party. Bullfeathers. They never need to be accountable for anything they say - get to be eternal poseurs. Says Bev Desjarlais was never booted out of caucus (bullfeathers redux). Van Loan is much better on camera than stuck in a chair next to Ralphie Hedgehog.

Pauline Marois proclaimed as head of the PQ. Regan gives commercial that separatists are dead - forgets to mention that PMSH is responsible for this. Van Loan reminds everyone.

CPC MPs telling friends that three CN lines will be shut down between Toronto and Ottawa/Montreal. Duff interviews Shawn Brant - the terrorist American maybe-Indian Mohawk (remember Ward Churchill). Won't leave home because police looking for him. Likely also slowing down highway. Can't wait til Shawn stands in front of a tired Semi driver trying to hand out a leaflet. Video show his warriors preparing weapons of war.
He wants uncompromprised and unconditional support. Also shows fights between indians and pale faces. And he wants mutual support? I support throwing his sorry ass in jail and I bet so will every other person who gets inconvenienced. Pathetic.
Head of Cdn Railway Association - How do RRs respond? Says only a localized incident - how is shutting down this RR line a localized incident?? Cares less about his passengers & customers than about the terrorist indians who want to shut down his railroad.

McGrath, McKinnon and Benoit. Roxie says Minister Prentice working very hard cleaning up Grit DIANA disaster. When I was in NWT everyone kept talking about Diana. Diana this, Diana that. Finally figured out it was Dept of Indian and Northern Affairs.

Fife and Weston - Says everybody hoping for a peaceful protest - suurrre. Thats why Duff is promising full media coverage. Both say hotheads could burn themslves if they screw this up.
Okay show - only about 1/2 was mindless chatter, which is better than usual. Give Duff 5/10.

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