Friday, June 08, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Newman Taber June 8

Newman - Activists Accuse Canada of letting down Africa (so). Harper Losing Support in the East (so).
Duff - Tabor sitting in. Progress at G8, Passports, CPC tried to pus through the budget.

Tabor - $60B for Africa. Marxist Anti Poverty Activists - Bono blames PMSH (so)
Parliamentary Harridans on Tabor - Ablonczy gives the standard on-message comments. Looking for results Sgro says that she will personally sponsor as many African women as ballet dancers as want to come providing they work on her campaign. Peggy Nash, the commie from High Park says not enough money. Show footage of a bunch of nekid poverty activists running into the ocean - that's the kinda activism I can buy into, but I'm not sure that naked hippies going for a dip is gonna do anything for AIDs.

Travers on Newman - G8 aid package. Harper growing Foreign Aid budget 8% a year. Travers seems to actually think that the G8 package is on track. Travers says PM did a pretty good job at G8.

Premier of NWT on Newman. Why is there a "Premier" of NWT. A premier for 30,000 people? Almost as bad as PEI. I think the Grits only did the separation of NWT in order to have another Liberal seat. Its high time, since I'm kinda on the topic, for the Atlantic Provinces to merge. Then they'd have to grow up and stop pissing and moaning all the time. But of course the News and Novas don't wanna split their money to NB.

Atlantic Discord on Taber. Casey wasn't punished - he was set free. I say let ALL the News and Bluenosers free. Cancel the upgraded equalization plan. There's what, 4 seats at risk? Calling Newfie Doofus Danny's bluff is probably the best thing that PMSH could do.

Been nothing to report for 15 mins - I'm dozing off.

Reid and Powers on Taber - On budget play says PM only 17% in NFLD. Forgets that's WAY higher than Dion in Quebec. Powers expect that Senate would block the budget in the Red chamber. Reid claims Senate is democratic. Definitely is - for the Grits.

On Newman prediction that CPC might get wiped out in Maritimes - Fantastic - then they won't have to subsidize their noisy and lazy butts.
Liberal Communications Committee on Newman - Delacourt et al slag the CPC as always. Newman asks how dumb are the Liberals in the Senate? They played right into CPC hands. How Dumb Are They? Guy from CP doesn't think they're dumb. Delacourt thinks the CPC ALL WRONG on Senate reform. CBC guy things the CPC should have set 15 years!!! Get real - 15 years is the length of a career... Weston thinks it will catch on with Canadians. Delacourt calls CPC disgusting and smarmy. Newman says that QP is cheapened by responding to a question with a question - who said "It's Question Period, not Answer Period". It wasn't a Tory.

Real weak-kneed day. I actually almost fell asleep. 0/10

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