Saturday, June 09, 2007

Lemon: Rex on the Global Warming Cause

It is, as he always is, brilliant
A couple of excerpts:
There's not much of hesitancy, or deference, or horror of overstatement, in this the high noon of the global warming movement. Global warming as “explanation” is now tethered to the most minuscule of circumstances to the most macroscopic. A group called Pets Across America (which we may assume is not an assembly of climatologists) reported this week that “droves of cats and kittens are swarming into animal shelters nationwide, and global warming is to blame,” and that since “global warming is probably not going to be slowing any time soon” it's best for pets to be “spayed and neutered” now.

This is of course ludicrous to the point of farce. Global warming as a key to randy cats. But it is but one illustration that could be multiplied by a thousand of the now nearly automatic linkage of the most particular or local circumstances to the available “explanation” of global warming. [...]

Global warming has some science at its core. But it has been overlaid with a vast engine of continuous alarmism, propaganda, relentless campaigning, facile projections, and not a little bullying righteousness by some of its celebrity proponents.It is, for all that is shouted to the contrary, more a cause than a science.

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