Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Lemon: Bad Leadership and E-Squabblization

Ian Macdonald of the Gazette has a good, but inaccurate, piece today laying the problems with the E-Squabblization (tm) mess in the East at the PM's feet and designating the situation as a problem of leadership.

But even with a name more common down east than Smith or Jones, Ian doesn't understand East Coasters. I grew up there and am a willing refugee so have a different perspective. He doesn't appreciate that Maritimes & Newfies have convinced themselves that they are an aggrieved people.

He doesn't know that they are washed in the idea that they were given the crappy end of the stick by confederation, that things were just fine during their golden era before they built that damn railroad and when the ship mast business was booming.

They resent that their best and brightest (I don't consider myself one) left home, moved west and have become the Maritime Mafia - controlling a hugely over-represented portion of C suite jobs in big companies. (Purdy Crawford and Ced Ritchie come to mind). Or that their kids are working in Northern Alberta.

They resent that the media ignores news important to them unless it impacts Ontario. They are sick of the urban-slick Ontario/Quebec CBC "talent' (except for Rex & Cherry who they love). They wish that their home-spun common sense and good nature would be valued more than celebrity noise.

They are angry that NHL games start an hour (or an hour and a half) later.

And that ain't the half of it. They like and follow demagogues that get in the face of those they consider opponents (Smallwood, Robichaud, Tobin and now Williams).

No, Ian, it wouldn't matter if PMSH offered the East a chicken in every pot at Christmas, they would still complain.

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