Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Evening Lemons Report Bonner Duff June 5 - Casey Votes NO!!

Fire Casey's Butt - NOW!!!!

Duff: Calls his show a Broadcast . . .
Bill Casey says he has no choice. Will he get the boot? PMSH in Paris on Kyoto and Afstan. GWB trying to chill Putin's new cold war. G8 Preview, etc.
Bonner: Bill Casey - vote is in 45 minutes. Issue is Atlantic Accord. Won't spend much time with Bonner. Not up to the challenge.
Duff - Bill Casey is reading a "contract" in debate with Van Loan. There is a simple solution to this - call the NSers bluff, withdraw the other deal - Heap insults on Paul Martin for doing such a stupid deal and how it was a stab in the back of Ontario / Quebec / Alberta / BC and how Nova Scotia and NFLD will be driving BMWs while Ontarians and Quebecers will be riding in wagons. Give up on winning any more seats on the East Coast - there aren't enough to matter anyway.
PVL explains how if the NSers vote to defeat bill, then huge benefits will be withdrawn.
Ralphie Hedgehog says it breaks promises - bad outweighs the good - does this mean the Grits will vote against it? Ralph admits that tradition would call for Casey to get canned. All of a sudden Bill Casey is a very respected and thoughtful MP according to Libby. Did she say the same think a week ago??
Can His Ass if he votes against it!!! He can run as an NDPer next time.
PVL explains they have an option - they can stay with the old arrangement and give up the new money. Up to them - there's the answer. Take it OFF THE TABLE. And MAKE SURE the productive provinces know that the Grits did a stupid deal and that THEY have to pay for it. Duff says NDP surging in NS - Maritimers (I'm one by the way) never look after their own interests. NDP... Puhleeze.
Fixident, Reverse Mortgages, Comfy Bathtubs - wow - do these shows ever know how to target their audiences: grumpy old farts. I'm more of a grumpy not-old-yet fart.
PMSH on climate change and Afstan with French PM. Generally on the same page.
Sarkozy is a shrimp!!! Gotta be worried about short French leaders . . . Remember Napoleon - he actually wasn't that short - about 5'7". And look what he did. Be afraid. Be very afraid.
Babs MacDougall doesn't think Putin wants to disrupt the G-8 - needs the other 7.
Phil Fontaine sans pony tail - fast track on land claims. He's optimistic. Hard to believe that Phil has become the voice of reason in the aboriginal community. Let's see if Mike asks about the Day of Action... He does - Phil says position is clear - never advocates breaking the law. Wants to reach out to Canadians.
The bells are ringing - Bill Casey to get his moment of fame.
Bonner - Grit Senators still trying to kill 8 year term limits. Blames provinces - Sen Oliver says this is horse manure. Provinces have no right to be consulted. Port Elgin's John Bryden hangs on to the blaming the provinces right to approve amending formula for Senate. Trudeau gave them a gift that keeps giving. Bryden wants a reference to the SCOC - means all the siting Grit Senators will have another 5 or 6 years.
Sorry - was having a snack.
Ian MacDonald & Greg Weston - hangover from the Martin Open Bar Yard Sale deals with provinces. That's the only way that this whole thing can be sold - that Martin sold out Ontario, QC, Alberta and BC for a few seats in the Maritimes. Macdonald says Dion is Dead, Dead, Dead in Quebec - 12% - 6 months after getting elected. Most Canadians can't picture Dion as a PM.
That's it - I kinda took a little break in the middle but don't think I missed anything meaningful.
Kinda peed off that Paula Todd always gets the last five minutes.
Overall, a decent hour of pathetic bafflegab. 5/10
Note - Voting for Budget Implementation Act...
Casey VOTES AGAINST Amendments to C-52
Grits voted against, PQ for. NDP weren't sure what they were voting for or against and teh Greens don't get to vote.

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