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Evening Lemons Report Newman Akin June 7

Akin is on for Duff - won't bother blogging it.
Newman is back - G8 Reach an Agreement, Babs Mac and Manley on Putin, Environment and Senate. Are the CPCs sunk in Maritimes (so)
G8 agreement - PMSH must have targets, real mandatory enforceable targets. US only behind plan with entire world. Major step forward.
Keith Boag - Targets based upon other countries - Canada is on the list with Japan and Euros. Boag says a lot of effort went into deal - PMSH got his deal for specific targets. Let's see if he gets any credit - NOTHING CONTRADICTS HARPER TARGET PLAN. Says conference went more Bush's way than Merckle's. All impressed how far the Americans have come.
Baird - Great acceptance that Canada in the game and moving ahead. First time for a consensus. Canada on same page as Euros.
It is very hard to think that any MSM commentator won't give Harper / Baird anything but immense credit for this.
Does anyone expect that I might be surprised?
Putin & Harper meeting - PMSH says democratic behaviour a principle of G8 membership and Post-commies have to clean up act, says Putin criticized Canada and the forcing people to live in the Labrador Gulag. Babs says water on stone to bug the Ruskies about human rights, but it is necessary. It's good see Babs back in the public forum. Manley says no one kicking Ruskies out. Babs says the Ruskies are just posing - they know it's a defense system. Speaking of Manley, remember when the Grits had a few people who could speak without appearing like their head would explode?
Baker and Stratton on Senate Reform - simple - George wants life terms for senators so he can lip off in public until he dies without being labeled an idiot, think that he is important (instead of just a Grit political patronage appointment), continue being flown first class all over the world, and getting to live in Ottawa instead of Newfoundland.
Senate Reform is being killed by the non-elected Liberal majority because they were in the bag to get the appointment and they want to stay in the bag until they die. My suggestion? Open up the Senate Chambers to smoking with an open bar, Mcdonalds box lunches on demand, offer unlimited free viagra, and remove all elevators on Parliament Hill. Then let natural selection (Tories drink less) take its course and before we know it - Senate Reform.
Peter Van Loan smacks down Iggy... Wow - where'd this come from? First time I've seen him animated.
The beauty panel" PCL on with Ralphie Hedgehog and MuMu Davies.
Newman questions PVL changing the topic, Ralphie admits that he used to do the same thing.
Ralphie says that the only way that Senate reform can happen is with constitutional reform. If so, then let's open it up and fire all those red asses - elected all the way, screw the entitled provinces and their minimums. Rep by Region - Atlantic, QC, ON, Mansask, Alta and BC - 15 senators each.
Libby from the Numbnutted Dreamers Party laughs that PVL demands that there is no way that the senate Reform Bill needs a reference from the SCOC.
What 75% of the public (according to RTH) DON'T want Senate reform - Senators, their families, Liberals that want to continue to exercise power without having an HOC majority?
Reynolds calls Newfie Doofus Danny Williams a cry-baby - he's too kind.
Newman on Atlantic Accord - that stupid deal that Martin did when he was promising everyone anything they asked for. Casey says he was manhandled by the CPC to vote for bill and was locked in a room. Again, I say - if NL and NS keep up their nonsense, then two things: drop the revised O'Brien deal and push hard on how Martin did a stupid deal at the expense of ON, QC, AB and BC. Wins a lot more seats than it loses.
The Maritimes have a history of, without exception, throughout history, always doing what is in their own worst interest. If they HATE the new deal then it must be a great one.
Ultimately it's demagoguery - Newfies and NSers get their ugly noisy red faces on TV - it's good for their local politics.
Newman agrees that dumping the new O'Brien deal is the best idea - is he reading CBL?
Pretty good show. Will see how the Liberal Communications Network (MSM) report on the G8. 6/10

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