Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lemon: Linc Day

A link to a great Linc...
Yesterday was the fortieth anniversary of him being elected as the first black member of Parliament.
He has been an airman in the war, a civil rights advocate, a teacher, a mentor, and a representative of the Queen.
Last week, I had the honour of giving him a hand. He was leaving a show (Vida - Danza Cuba) at the Royal Alex, with his nurse. He's in a wheelchair but still has a solid grip, clear eyes and a clear voice. I was proud to help him get a cab and get into it. He mentioned that no one in the crowd knows how difficult Cuba is for Cubans.
No one else I think, except us, knew we were in the company of greatness.
One of the kids asked, "Is he the Lincoln Alexander the highway is named after?"
Here's to Linc.

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